• Deliveries

    There are three options of deliveries:

    1. Courier shipment
    2. Receive directly from the warehouse by your own
    3. warehouse transport (mainly deliveries to the Kielce office)

    You choose one option while placing an order.

  • Contact

    If you have any questions on the delivery, please call or send e-mail to:
    Maciej Kulczykowski
    +48 604 461 066

The system of ordering NSK marketing materials.

The following pages will give you an overview on all customer gifts available for NSK in Europe. You can order NSK gifts/posters of your choice. That system is user friendly and flexible. You will have more flexibility to order items that you prefer for your customers/distributors.

There are three categories of materials: NSK BRANDED GIFTS,  AUTHORISED DISTRIBUTOR MATERIALS  and POSTERS (Product, Sector & Service).